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Billy's gift for St Mary's


Kate Marshall called in to St Mary’s on Thursday 22nd May with her son Billy to make a donation. Here's their story behind the donation …

Billy received a Nintendo 3DS for Christmas and two months later he dropped it down the toilet by accident and broke it! He was extremely upset and our friend, Rob Caine gave Billy his console. Rather than take payment for it he asked us to donate some money to your hospice in memory of his mother, Karen Caine, who received end of life care.

“So hence Billy and I visited the hospice yesterday to bring £40 of his savings (nearly everything in his piggy bank!) as a contribution to such a vital service for this area. As part of this process I explained to Billy what the hospice does as I think it's important that all members of the community are aware of this great cause.”

Thank you Billy this incredibly thoughtful gesture means that many more patients and their loved ones can receive care, comfort and support. Did you know that £1.50 covers the average petrol cost of a hospice at home visit, so Billy’s gift could enable 27 visits.

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