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'Debbies Walkers' step up to the 43 mile challenge



Ellie Mulholland and her fiance Matt Jones walked as part of ‘Debbie’s Walkers’ in the Keswick to Barrow this year. They walked the 43k route to raise money for St Mary's hospice in memory of Ellie’s Mom Debra Mulholland who spent time in the hospice before sadly passing away in June last year after a long fight with cancer.

“My mam was due to receive more treatment, there was no real major sign of cancer and therefore when she was taken into hospital with bowl complications it came as a great shock. After a few days in Barrow hospital and the day before last year’s Keswick to Barrow we were told there was nothing more the hospital could do and it was likely she would die before the end of the week. That was the worst week of my life.”

“When the next day came mam hadn't spoke as she was too weak. After a couple of hours dad, to break through my tears, commentated on the k2b being on. Mustering up a frigidly response I commented how I'd like to give it a go someday. Mam in her weak voice managed the strength to speak for the first time and asked 'will you do it for me next year?' It was a grounding and surreal moment where I realised in a years’ time my mum wouldn't be there. Bursting into tears even more I promised her yes.”

“Thanks to the dedication of St Mary's Hospice, that wouldn't be my mums last week and she went on to say her goodbyes, laugh and smile again, and live for a further 3 months. It became an ongoing joke that she'd constantly reminded me I told her I'd walk the 43 miles on her death bed.... I would tell her that I lied and was just being polite at the time. Matt on commenting what a terrible daughter I was would then get roped into it too by mum. Matt additionally has had first-hand experience of the amazing care the Hospice provides after his dad spent his final days there over 12 years ago.”

Over the past 8 months Ellie and a large group of supportive friends and family members have been raising money with a host of charity nights, bike rides, events and raffles. All money raised helps the hospice provide care for more people like Deb and ensures we can support family members like Ellie.


If you'd like to support Ellie and Matt please follow the links to their donation pages below










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