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Hospice Care Week Story - Helen



Helen has been a Community Neighbour for St Mary’s for 3 years and she’s also a member of the Leven Valley Support group.
"I decided to volunteer for St Mary’s as I just felt like I wanted to give something back to the community. I became a community neighbour because I’d been a nurse. I was a Nurse for 30 years, even from a young age it was what I’d always wanted to do. Having lost members of my own family I knew what people were going through and wanted to help people who are on their own.


I enjoy my role as I enjoy benefitting people. It’s all about seeing them with a smile on their face. In 3 years I’ve been seeing 3 different people and you get to know them quite well. I do a lot with the people I go and see. I have a lady who I take out. I use to do a man’s shopping for him. He loved talking so I would spend time just having a chat with him. A lot of the time these are people who don’t have any relatives nearby and find themselves quite lonely.


This one man I went to see loved going out and every week he would chat to his neighbour and decide where we would go. I’d turn up and we’d go all sorts of places he hadn’t been before like Hayes garden centre and the candle factory. I also took him through to Broughten where he’d grown up so it was like going back in time for him.


I’ve been a member of the Leven Valley support group for 3 years now. We’re always baking and putting on cake stalls. It’s great working with other people on the comity. You get a mix of personalities. We’ve raised well over £1000 so far. It’s very rewarding as it’s nice to get out there and know it’s going to help people who are ill."


Hospice Care Week Helen Hospice Care Week Helen (1205 KB)


If you're interested in becoming a community neighbour please contact our volunteering team on 01229 580 305 or email to find out more



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