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Hospice Care Week Story - Stevie


Stevie is the Marketing Co-ordinator for St Marys Hospice. The Marketing team covers every area of the Hospice from Retail to Volunteering, Clinical, Fundraising, Living Well and Family support and Bereavement.


“There’s no typical day in our office and everything moves a mile a minute. Covering the whole hospice means every awareness day, every event, every new idea is driven through our office to add St Mary’s unique look and feel before going out to the public. It’s always exciting to see what new projects come our way.


We’re in a great position as we get to meet new and wonderful people every day. We get to hear our supporter’s incredible stories and capture the amazing memories they have. From a Nan jumping out of an airplane to a little girl raising £1.50 for us on a car boot. Our supporters are special. The things they do to raise money for us never fails to surprise or inspire me.
We not only get to hear stories from outside of the hospice but we also get hear them from our patients. We’ve had many remarkable people use the hospice services and one thing that never fails to amaze me is their utmost positivity. Working for a hospice isn’t all doom and gloom, there’s so much life here.”


Hospice Care Week Stevie Hospice Care Week Stevie (1233 KB)

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