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How St Mary's Hospice partnership with Barrow AFC will help hospice




Dear Supporter, 

We are working with our local Support Groups to respond to some unhappiness about our recent partnership with Barrow AFC. News about the £8,500 investment in the partnership spread quickly and raised concerns. However since news about other aspects of the partnership have not spread quite so quickly we’re outlining them here. Trustees and managers thought hard about this and decided to move forward because we felt the contract offered a good deal to the hospice.

The partnership contract sets out that the Club will support St Marys Hospice by:

  • Holding a hospice raffle at each of 23 home games - if this raises £100 at each game we will raise £2300 
  • Supporting the hospice to hold home game gate collections - if we gather £250 at 12 games we will raise £3000 
  • Promoting our Lottery through their website and other routes – if we gain 45 new members for a year we will raise £2340 
  • Holding a Gala Dinner in our benefit – if this raised only £1,000 pounds we would have paid back more than the original fee by this point

Barrow AFC will also donate raffle goods for events, game tickets for volunteers and other support. We will work with the Club throughout the year to make sure this partnership raises far more than the conservative estimates above. And we know this will work because many Barrow fans already supporter us and they will encourage other fans to support us too. More than 1000 fans attend each game so we know the potential is huge.

But there is more at stake than just money. Many people still don’t know about hospice services. In particular we want to attract more people to patient education, earlier in their illness, to support a better quality of life. By using the function rooms at the grounds to run the 6 week Positive Living Groups, and by advertising these through the club we hope to attract people who would never think of visiting the hospice.

It’s been said that ‘St Mary’s Hospice is YOUR hospice’, but that is only true of we make efforts to reach out to give everyone an equal chance of hearing about us, using us and benefiting from us. To do this means trying new routes to reach different parts of the community.

We’ll keep reporting back across the year about the way this partnership is benefiting both the hospice and local people. Please stay involved so you can hear about this. If you want to hear more please ring 01229 580305, never forget how much your support means to us.

Val Stangoe
Chief Executive 

May 2015





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