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Manifesto commitments on end of life care


All five major parties have made commitments in their manifestos to improve care for people approaching the end of their lives if they enter Government. As seven national charities working together to raise the profile of the severe challenges facing people trying to access quality end of life care services, we welcome the recognition in the five UK-wide political party manifestos that end of life care needs to improve.

Each party’s commitments to end of life care are outlined below. The full political party manifestos can be accessed through the hyperlink on the relevant party’s name.

Party Commitment
The Conservative Party has committed to:

- Support commissioners to combine better health and social care services for the

terminally ill so that more people are able to die in a place of their choice. 

- Increase support for full-time unpaid carers. 

- Guarantee that people will not have to sell their house to fund their residential 

social care.

- Continue to integrate the health and social care systems, joining-up services 

between homes, clinics and hospitals, including through piloting new approaches 

like the pooling of around £6 billion of health and social care funding in Greater 

Manchester and the £5.3 billion Better Care Fund .

Green Party The Green Party has committed to:

- Provide free social care at the end of life enabling people to die where they 

choose to die.

- Provide free social care and free healthcare for older people along the lines of the 

report from the Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England (Barker Report). 

 Labour Party The Labour Party has committed to:

- Bring in 5,000 new care workers to help support those with the greatest needs at 
home, particularly at the end of life

- Give families caring for people with the greatest needs a single point of contact
with care services, so they don’t have to battle different parts of the system.

- Support those who are terminally ill with the greatest care needs to remain at home
at the end of their life if they wish, with homecare provided on the NHS.
The Liberal Democrat Party has committed to:

- Provide more choice at the end of life, and free end of life social care for those
placed on their local end of life register if evidence shows it is affordable and cost effective.
UKIP   The UK Independence Party has committed to:

- Abolish the annual assessment process for continuing healthcare funding in
respect of those suffering from degenerative, terminal illnesses.

- Direct patients diagnosed with a debilitating long-term condition or terminal
illnesses to mental health professionals when appropriate  


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