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Maureen's story


A gift from Western Australia thank you to Maureen Dunkley Mezger (nee Taylor)

Maureen Mezger nee Taylor a Western Australian citizen was a regular visitor to South Cumbria. She tragically died in a motor vehicle accident in Western Australia in January of last year (2015). Her will contained gifts for several UK Charities including St Mary’s Hospice to whom she left approximately 200,000 Australian Dollars, which equates to about £95,000. Geoff Steele (Legacy Fundraiser) from St Mary’s says:“We have a fantastic community and it is our supporters’ wonderful, selfless and kind acts that enable St Mary’s Hospice to continue and grow our work. Maureen’s amazing gift enables us to provide care and support in our community for many families when they need it most. We are overwhelmed at Maureen’s legacy which will be put to great use in her memory. Maureen had no direct connection to our Hospice but was obviously aware of our work and chose to help via this very generous gift.Maureen was born in Salford and in the 1960s and 70s she was a well respected teacher in Barrow, Derby and Prestwich and we would love to hear from anyone in Barrow who can remember her. She met her husband Tom (an Australian) in Barrow. Geoff adds:“Gifts in wills are of vital importance to the future of the Hospice. Leaving a gift to St Mary’s Hospice won’t cost you a penny now, but every donation helps to secure the future of our specialised care for local people for many years to come. As well as our own fundraising events and campaigns, and the many activities people organise to raise money on our behalf, gifts in wills are hugely important to the hospice”.After you have provided for your own family, please consider remembering the hospice in your will. Every gift really does make a difference.

For more information please contact:Geoff Steele at St Marys Hospice

Thank you for your support!

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