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Press Release - Volunteer Pledge



Campaign Attempts to Curb National Decline in Volunteering

The Volunteer Pledge aims to capture the goodwill of New Year's resolutions by asking members of the public to make a pledge to volunteer at some point in 2018.

The Volunteer Pledge campaign begins on New Year's Day and runs throughout January, encouraging the general public to make a pledge to volunteer in 2018 while New Year's resolutions are still fresh. At the end of every month, pledgees will receive an email with links to volunteering opportunities across the country.

Figures published earlier in the year by the Office for National Statistics show that Volunteering levels have declined by 15 percent over a decade. The analysis suggests that the value lost to the UK was £1bn just between 2012 and 2015.

The benefits of volunteering are huge not just for the volunteer but also for those around them. Some organisations and communities depend on volunteers, so volunteering can have a huge impact on the capacity of an organisation and the lives of those who depend on the support. It's also a fantastic way to make friends and pick up new skills while gaining invaluable life experiences. Starting the volunteering adventure couldn't be easier than by Making the Pledge. Make a Resolution in the New Year that Will Have a Real Impact!

The campaign has been developed by the team at the International Voluntary Service who are encouraging civil society organisations to support the initiative.



St Mary's current vacancies are:

Patient Drivers. Community Neighbours & Retail assistants: more information can be found on the volunteering section of our website.

Anne Atkinson, Volunteer and Community Engagement Lead said “pledging a few hours a week could make all the difference to another person’s life as well as your own. Whatever you do to help, someone else will gain by getting the support they need at a difficult time. You can gain new friends, skills, and a sense of satisfaction”.





For more information please contact: Alice Hancock - Marketing & Programmes Officer

The Volunteer Pledge campaign was developed by the team at the International Voluntary Service (IVS). IVS was founded in 1931 and is based in Edinburgh.



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