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St Mary’s One Year Partnership with Barrow AFC Update


The St Mary's Hospice and Barrow AFC partnership has had a successful year, with the 2015 one year partnership agreement resulting in income and cost savings for St Mary’s, which together will exceeded the initial payment made by the hospice.

St Mary’s has worked hard to make this partnership a success and show how this type of charity partnership can work within our community, backed by overwhelming support from Barrow AFC fans. For St Mary’s, this means the one year partnership arrangement will come to an end, but the hospice has benefitted from a raised awareness of Hospice services, volunteering and fundraising to support the vital care needed in the local community.

Val Stangoe, St Mary’s Hospice CEO, says: “St Mary's Hospice has put a lot of hard work in to making the partnership a success. We are trusted by our supporters to make the right decision in the interests of all of our stakeholders and are delighted that the bold one year partnership has set out and achieved what we wanted it to do. We have increased awareness, volunteer enquiries and raised funds to cover the initial payment. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Barrow AFC fans for making us feel so welcome and supporting our hospice and our work so much, and our supporters for feedback to ensure we made this a success for St Mary’s."

St Mary’s Hospice Chairman, Norman Broadhurst adds: “The one year partnership has been a good opportunity that we have made the most of, and we would like to thank our stakeholders for supporting us to reach more members of our community in a new way.”

We wish Hornbys and Barrow AFC the best of luck for the partnership ahead of them.

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