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St Mary's Day Care with Penny Bridge School


 St Mary’s Day Care

Day Care continues to provide a place where people can join in different activities in a friendly, understanding group. Day care helps maintain the social, physical and emotional well- being of patients and carers.

As part of a schools project, Penny Bridge Primary School came into Day Care sessions over three weeks in May. A group of Year 6 (age 10 to 11) pupils were assigned ‘buddies’ who attended Day Care. Pupils were tasked with learning about their buddy, playing games etc. to build a fact sheet, which they presented back in the third and final session.

Jake, Year 6 pupil: “Before I came to St Mary’s Hospice I already knew that they helped people so that they could have a nice time and be looked after. I was excited to go and could not wait to meet my buddy. His name is Alan and I really enjoyed getting to know him. The staff at St Mary’s Hospice are really friendly and they take great care of the patients. I have really enjoyed coming. Thank you!” Alan added: “I have really enjoyed talking to Jake.”

Melissa Dixon, Community Fundraiser: “The project worked brilliantly as Day Care attendees and pupils listened and shared stories. Everyone seemed to get so much out of it, and the sessions help reduce any perceived barriers to coming to the hospice – from services to the Orangery - and across all ages.”

Val Stangoe said: “I think it’s just wonderful the buzz of voices, the activities, it seems so much fun. I think this a perfect place for children.”

Day Care attendees enthused about the idea and how the sessions worked: “Wow.. Wonderful organisation, Like Christmas- the anticipation when they came through that door, it was like a flower opening. The smiles, the games, the laughter, the free talking from one to another, age gap!? What age gap! Then words are not enough for their musical performance… The room was alight with such expression and warmth. Whoever thought of this was onto a winner because everyone benefited.” Joyce, Day Care patient.

Anne who also attends Day Care added: “I just want to say having kids here for the last few weeks has been good for all of us.” Anne wrote to the head teacher at Penny Bridge saying the children were a credit to the school and that they “really made us so happy.”

Did you know that £87.34 covers the cost per attendance for a Day Care session?

St Mary's Day Care with Penny Bridge School


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