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St Mary's Hospice Rollover Winner July 2016


Huge congratulations, to Kevan Cassley, from Ulverston who received an unexpected telephone call with some exciting news, last week while working in the south of the country. The St Mary’s Hospice Lottery member, who has been playing the Lottery each week for many years, discovered that he had won the £10,000 rollover prize!

Kevan says: “I never even knew the prize could get that high. When joining the lottery I never expected to win. I played as I know the money is going to such a wonderful charity that helps so many people in our community. Family and friends have benefitted from the help that St Mary’s can provide so it’s my way of giving back.

St Mary’s is a vital service and the service the hospice provides is key. I would recommend anyone to join the lottery as you’re not only taking part in the lottery; you’re helping a vital service and helping others.At £1 per week, I forget that I am even in the lottery!!

When I received the news, I was told to sit down. I couldn’t believe what I was being told, I thought it was a joke; Even my wife she thought I was winding her up when I told her the big news. I am over the moon and gobsmacked.”

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The St Mary's Lottery is a fun and simple way to support our work. Each Lottery number costs just £1 per week to play for the chance to win one of 14 weekly cash prizes.

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