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Thank you - giant Furness cheque is huge boost for St Mary's Hospice


Giant Furness cheque is huge boost for St Mary’s Hospice

St Mary’s Hospice supporters have generated almost £170,000 this year without spending a penny – simply by saving in the charity’s account with Furness Building Society. The Furness makes an annual payment to St Mary’s from its own funds – not the savers’ money – which is based on the total balances in the accounts; so the more supporters save, the bigger the payment to their charity.

The cheque was handed over to Zoe Guest, Head of Income Generation at the Furness Building Society, Ulverston Branch on Tuesday 16th August. The money from the Furness makes an important contribution to meeting the £2.8 million, which must be raised each year by St Mary's so that hope, care and support can be provided for patients and their loved ones.





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