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Volunteering opportunities in St Mary's Hospice shops


… I’m sure we all do but we don’t always know how we can turn that love into some kind of tangible support? We want to help, but actually taking that ‘want’ and making it an action is really hard and sometimes difficult to know where to start...

Volunteering is a great way to support your hospice and can bring about a bundle of benefits for both the volunteer and the organisation.

As a member of the retail team I can only speak about shop and warehouse volunteers and their experiences. But I think that might be enough to entice you to join our team anyway… let me at least try!

Charity shops have long had a reputation for being the domain of the older generation, both customer and volunteer: a damp, dreary environment with a particular smell that is not altogether pleasant and clothes you wouldn’t want to be seen in public wearing! Trust me when I say NOT IN ST MARY’S SHOPS!

Words that spring to mind: friendly, fashionable, a little bit funky, part of the community, stuffed full of great bargains … something for everyone!

Who could volunteer in our shops? The answer to that is simple ANYONE! Short, tall, old, young, techno savvy or technophobe. Whether you have a couple of hours to spare or you’re looking to fill a couple of days you can help at one of our shops.

We don’t have an ‘ideal’ volunteer, we just want somebody who knows how to have fun whilst still making a difference. Someone who enjoys getting stuck in, someone who likes people, is great with customers and wants to help make as much money as possible to support St Mary’s Hospice.

We don’t have an ‘ideal’ volunteer because we love diversity, we don’t want our volunteers to be ‘all the same’, we want people with ideas, creativity, energy and a massive sense of humour!

Remember, your time makes a big difference.

If you, you and a friend or a whole gang of you want to give it a try just get in touch on Facebook – Retail at St Mary’s Hospice, or email at alternatively call in at one of our awesome shops to find out more.


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