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Teresa's Story


Teresa's Story

Teresa has been coming to St Mary’s for Day Care, Positive Living, Respite Care and Community Neighbours. Teresa enjoys coming to the Hospice because there are no rules at the Hospice! “I think it’s partly to do with the relaxed atmosphere and it is very welcoming. Everyone is so helpful and positive the nurses can’t do enough for you.”

“The meals are absolutely marvellous! I look forward to them.” Teresa hasn’t got a favourite – she simply couldn’t choose!

In terms of Teresa’s health care, she is pleased that the care is not rushed: “The doctors have opened new avenues for me. They also have time for you to look into your health more deeply. The Hospice has a very homely atmosphere and the surroundings are so pleasant: being relaxed and calm really helps.”

Teresa attends St Mary’s Day Care: “I look forward to it, in the middle of my week. At the moment I miss it as I haven’t been well enough to attend. But I enjoy the relaxation of Tai Chi – which we do sitting down. I forget the outside world and it’s like we are cocooned for a while. It does me so much good and is very calming.”

Teresa has also recently started to have a St Mary’s Community Neighbour: “I have a lovely lady. When I am back I am hoping we could pop to a shop together. It will be good to get back out and about more.”

Teresa unfortunately can’t go on holiday but sees St Mary’s as providing a very welcome break, adding : “I would love to come back here, you have an idea of what you are coming to which is a bonus!”

Teresa’s advice for anyone who is anxious about coming to St Mary’s for the first time: “If you are worried by tea-time all your worries will be gone. It is very relaxed.”


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