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Ways to support us

Business Support

It doesn't matter how big or small your organisation is, in which sector it is, or where you are based. There are plenty of opportunities to support St Mary's Hospice.

Getting involved with a local charity is extremely rewarding and fun for you and your colleagues. It can also help you achieve any number of business or corporate objectives.

By supporting the hospice you help sustain a charity which provides care, comfort and support to patients and their loved ones in our community.

The hospice gets only 22% of its expenditure from the NHS. Continued delivery of care for local people living with illnesses which will shorten their lives depends on support of local individuals and businesses.

Benefits to you

Increasingly customers care about how companies operate and many business owners have found that supporting local charities is one way to show their business has high principles.

Being involved with local charities:

  • Creates a good local reputation for a business
  • Builds staff pride in their employer
  • Helps meet Corporate Social Responsibility

Some of the ways you could support the hospice are shown below but we know every business is different so please call us on 01229 580305 or email to chat through the best way for your business to get involved.

What we can do for you

St Mary’s is able to provide Executive Coaching to business owners and senior executives. For more information please contact Val Stangoe, St Mary’s CEO on 01229 580 305.

St Marys is building new services to support local businesses to support staff with please contact us on 01229 580305 or email for more information

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