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Helen and her beloved husband Patrick were introduced to St Mary’s services by attending day care, followed by respite care. When Patrick became unwell and came to St Mary’s for his final days, Helen and Patrick knew the hospice and the staff and trusted our care implicitly. Patrick passed away in St Mary’s Hospice peacefully. It is important to know that the Hospice support does not end with the death of a loved one, it continues with support for the whole family. This includes Family and Bereavement Support,Tai Chi classes and Positive Living Groups. Helen says: “I felt at the time and feel now that I am held in the palm of friends who care.”

We can offer this level of care, comfort and support thanks TO YOU. St Mary’s is funded predominately by charitable donations and it is thanks to YOU that we can continue to provide our essential services. It wouldn’t be possible for Patrick and Helen to have the high quality care and support they deserved without the wonderful and generous support we get from YOU - our community.        

To make a donation and make a difference to patients and families like Helen and Patrick, simply click our Donate button now or call us on 01229 580305.

Did you know that £1.50 covers the average petrol cost for a Hospice at Home visit, £8.30 for a delicious meal on our inpatient unit? So every donation makes a difference and reaches patients, carers and their families when they need help most.

THANK YOU for all your support            

Thank you to Helen for sharing her private story so that other families can get the help they need, when they need it most. This shows how St Mary's Hospice is all about making the most of every second of a person's life. It also brings home the impact and personal stories behind every Gift and donation that makes a difference to a whole family. 

Please click the link for Helen and Patrick's story - thank you to Helen for her kind permission to share this.

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