Hospice Running Costs

All our services are free for our patients and their families or carers. However, there is a significant cost involved in providing this wide range of care.

It costs around £3.5 million a year to run St Mary’s. Only 17% of our costs are paid for by the NHS, so that means we rely on donations and fundraising to cover the rest – that’s over £9,000 per day that we need to raise.

Our community’s support makes a huge difference, and enables us to continue to provide exceptional care and support for our patients and their families. Here’s a short video explaining our funding:

Here are just a few ways we put your money to good use:

Inpatient Unit

Caring for a patient for 24 hours £600
One hour of patient care £25
A home cooked meal £10

Hospice at Home

A night sit for a patient £200
Average cost per patient £1,600

Living Well Activities

30 minutes of complementary therapy £20
Attending a Living Well programme £740

Bereavement and Family Support

Supporting a bereaved relative £130