Great to see our volunteers on reception …

It is great to see our volunteers coming back to our reception and provide a warm and friendly welcome to St Mary’s.

Our volunteer Norma shares her experience: “After weeks of hibernation, the options of daily walks, mask making, reading, Whatsapp chats, decluttering, new recipes, or not, was fairly exhausted.

Returning to volunteering felt good, exciting even, as it meant meeting real people, doing something purposeful and all from behind the security of the new Perspex screen.

The safeguarding routine here makes everything feel very safe and is just what we have all been doing, sanitising our surroundings with wipes, handgel and handwashing.

Interestingly, I expected reception to be fairly quiet but I have been kept very busy and thankfully the staff here have been waiting on me with tea or coffee.”

Thanks Norma for everything you do.