i3 Decommissioning Partnership shows its support for St Mary’s Hospice

St Mary’s Hospice was the grateful recipient of a donation of £400 from the i3 Decommissioning Partners based at Sellafield. The award is made in recognition of the team’s attention to safety standards, and Edd Robertson made the nomination for St Mary’s to benefit this time around.

The Magnox Swarf Storage Silo (MSSS) is a legacy facility on the Sellafield site, built in the 1960’s to store Intermediate Level Waste under water. To safely accelerate hazard and risk reduction, Sellafield Ltd (SL) commenced a programme of work that aims to retrieve the waste from MSSS and transport it for storage in a more modern facility on the Sellafield site. The i3 Decommissioning Partners team was established in 2016 comprising of Jacobs, Altrad and Shepley, to undertake this project work on behalf of SL by means of the DDP Framework.

With a positive and strong collaborative culture in both terms of safety and delivery, i3 has successfully managed to complete and progress multiple key projects within MSSS, all of which contribute towards the all-important commencement of retrievals.

The i3 team have recently been awarded a fourth consecutive RoSPA Gold Safety Award and also surpassed 1.5 million hours without an LTI (Lost Time Incident).

From the outset, i3 chose to adopt collaborative and positive behaviours, by working with SL and the Supply Chain to fully understand the elements of contract, scope and the full spectrum of possible collaboration. Through innovation, improvement and the integration of best practice, i3 have continued to adapt, perform and succeed year on year.  The i3 team have also made huge efforts to increase their SME engagement and Socio-Economic activity in Cumbria, which has delivered benefits to multiple areas.

What is evident from i3 is with the right behaviours and modelling, collaborative contracting is the best way forward for successful programmes, relationships, cost and schedule. i3 can be viewed as a case study of evidence, showing positive collaborative contracting in action.

Many thanks to the team for choosing to support St Mary’s Hospice.