Latest update: we are ‘cautiously optimistic’ temporary suspension of inpatients could be lifted

We are working hard to help fill the vital doctor role at St Mary’s to help re-open our temporarily suspended Inpatient Unit. Our senior management team shared on BBC Radio and in local media that we are ‘cautiously optimistic’ that we will be able to fill a senior palliative care position which will allow St Mary’s to admit inpatients again.

Alison Alger, Head of Fundraising: said our charity has ‘redoubled efforts’ of recruitment for a palliative doctor role. “We’ve moved towards being creative with how we’re recruiting to attract as many suitable candidates for the role as possible. The amount of national and local press as well as the help in the community has really helped promote the position. It’s all very humbling and makes you realise how many lives the hospice really touches.”

The hospice has received applicants for the role and have organised informal visits for the candidates over the next week.

Ali explains: “We have to go through a due process until the interviews, we ask for a lot of experience and expertise.”

Ali adds: This is a really ‘positive step’ towards lifting the suspension. “We all really want to reopen the inpatient unit.”

Since announcing we can’t currently accept inpatients, the response in our community has been ‘humbling’. “The response in the community really shows how important the hospice is.”

“Everyone knows someone whose lives have been touched by the hospice so the news resonates with a lot of people.”

St Mary’s has a range of services: 85% of our services are outside the Inpatient Unit covering from Hospice at Home activity, Family and Bereavement Support to Living Well, Community Volunteers, to find out more please visit the Our Care section of our website.

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