Team Towart ready to tackle the Coniston to Barrow 2021

We admire everyone who will be tackling the Keswick or Coniston to Barrow on Saturday, but we feel that Alan Towart and his team deserve a special mention. Ex BAE employee Alan was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in 2017. He completed the C2B on foot for St Mary’s Hospice in 2018 in a time of 5hrs 29 mins (he ran the last leg from Marton). In 2019 he and his team completed the C2B in 5hrs 51mins, with Alan being pushed and pulled in his wheelchair. In 2020, Alan’s team towed him in a kayak the length of Windermere. And this year, they’re back, ready to do the C2B again with Alan in his chair, accompanied by his wife Dawn and daughter Sophia this time.
Alan says: “My motivation to take part is to show my support and thanks for St Mary’s Hospice and the work that they do for everyone, not just with me. I want to raise awareness for the hospice and MND too. As my illness progresses, I know I will depend on St Mary’s more and more so I want to do what I can when I can.
The whole team are up for it this year, although training has mostly consisted of getting together for a few beers and talking about getting back to Barrow in less than 5 hours – we will see!”
What an inspiration. Thank you Alan, family and friends. We can’t wait to cheer Team Towart on their way on Saturday and hope you will do the same.

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Thank you to Alan for raising awareness of our services in a fantastic interview with BBC Radio Cumbria. Click here and tune in at 2hrs 54mins and 55 seconds to hear Alan. (Please note the interview is available on BBC Radio Cumbria’s website until 24th October 201).