Step for St Mary’s Hospice

This January, St Mary’s Hospice are challenging people to complete at least 9,000 steps a day from the 1st to 31st to raise funds and support the Hospice. With a suggested minimum sponsorship of £30, people are encouraged to run, walk, climb or dance at least 9,000 steps a day and get active in the New Year. 

After such an unpredictable 18 months, this challenge will help people stay motivated and healthy. For some, this campaign will be a challenge so we urge you to get your friends and family involved and make it as fun as possible.  For others who are already very active, we encourage you to push yourselves even more and add challenging elements to the task.

It costs the Hospice £9,000 a day to support those who need us, so we are encouraging everyone to complete at least 9,000 steps a day and raise funds for the Hospice. Its a brilliant way to get involved and get moving. Whether you are on your own, with a friend or with your family, there is something for everyone in this campaign.

What are you waiting for? Take the first step and sign up!

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