Tour de Furness 2020

Everything you need to know about this year’s Tour de Furness

When is the next Event?

Owing to COVID 19 restrictions, the Rotary Club of Furness’ Tour de Furness for 2020 will be a VIRTUAL Event.
The event will take place during the month of September 2020 on day/days of the riders own choosing.
You can take part in any of the following ways:
•    You can, if you wish, ride at home on an exercise cycle.
•    You can ride on ANY route (possibly nearer your home) of your choice. However, please note that the organisers cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to personal effects, personal accident, injury or any public liability.
•    You can follow ANY of the Tour de Furness cycle routes, see the TdF website ( for further details, including our brand new Lakeland BLUEBIRD 50.

Who Can Enter and How?

Anyone can enter, just use our ONLINE form, see the REGISTRATION Page on this site and remember also to create your ONLINE Fundraising Page on the Virgin Money Giving Site, a link is also on the REGISTRATION Page.

How much does Entry Cost?

There are NO entry fees to this years VIRTUAL Event, but remember, as all of our charities have been unable to generate funds during the pandemic, we ask that you use our Virgin Money Giving site to support them.

Are there Prizes?

  • All entrants who complete the route of their choice will be awarded a certificate, remember to include your email address in order to receive it.
  • The team which raises the most money will be awarded the Bill Bartlett Memorial Trophy.
  • In addition, riders raising more than £50 sponsorship, received by the above date, will also be included in the Poole Townsend Free Prize Draw for cycling equipment/bike to the value of £600.

Where does it start and finish?

It starts and finishes wherever you wish it to.

If you are taking part in an actual ride, the following guidance should be observed.
In England, groups of up to six people from different households are now permitted to exercise together, however they must still follow social distancing guidelines and keep at least two metres apart from those outside their household.
Current measures in England also state that:
If you are showing coronavirus symptoms, or if you or any of your household are self-isolating, you should stay at home.
•    You may exercise outdoors as many times each day as you wish.
•    You can sit and rest outside before, during and after your ride.
•    You may drive to outdoor publicly accessible open spaces irrespective of distance.
•    In line with UK Government guidance, those aged over 70 should

continue to take care to minimise contact with others outside their household.
Whilst the Government guidance now permits groups of up to six to ride together, we are following British Cycling advice which believes that the need to maintain a two-metre distance while riding as a group of six may present practical difficulties and potential risks. For this reason, in some environments we would encourage riders to continue to cycle in smaller group

s, and only ride in a group of six if they are absolutely sure that it is safe to do so.
Whilst we hope that everyone will have fun on their ride, if you are using the public highway please take care and respect other road users.  Your safety and

that of other road users is paramount; therefore, we ask you to observe a few additional rules.

•    Cycling on the highway is a potentially dangerous activity.  The Rotary Club of Furness expects all riders to carefully observe all the rules in the Highway Code and obey the “Rules of the Ride”.
•    It must be pointed out that cycling can be a strenuous activity and therefore all participants should be in a reasonable state of health.
•    The organisers cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to personal effects, personal accident, injury or any public liability.