b'Our CareFamily and Bereavement Support ServiceAnother important service that wesomething worthwhile and helping peoplesays I dont know where I would be provide to local people, alwaysat a very emotional and vulnerable time inwithout the zoom calls and Linda the absolutely free of charge, is the Familytheir lives is immensely satisfying and Ivolunteer has been amazing.and Bereavement Support service.really wanted to help others because I had received help myself. Our volunteers areAnother group that people can access is Another important service that we provideinvaluable and we are updating ourour walking group. The group is led by two to local people, always absolutely free ofBereavement Support Volunteerof our volunteers and anyone who is charge, is the Family and Bereavementeducation programme, so that we cancurrently receiving or bereavement Support service. Our team of sta andrecruit more volunteers to meetsupport or has completed their 121 volunteers are there to support any adultcommunity need.sessions can take part. This vital group in the area who has suered a loss,allows people to access bereavement regardless of whether the person who hasThe bereavement team have been sosupport in an informal way and enjoy died has been a patient of St Marys.supportive following the death of myexercise, benetting emotional wellbeing. husband. L has been invaluable to theSadly, but perhaps not surprisingly, thewhole family with her support. The whole team has had its busiest ever year. At theteam made a very hard situation easier. time when theyve been most needed byTheir combined support is immeasurable. the local community, theyve come upWe receive referrals from a range of with new ways to support clientstakingsources and healthcare professionals, and sessions into video or phone callsduringwelcome anyone who may hear about the lockdown periods when it was notservice to call our hospice team if they possible to meet.would like to access support, or email via our website. Thank you Gen 2 Apprentices (Kimberly Clark) for our fabulous planters and bench for the The team received 616 referrals betweenTalking about my feelings and having H Bereavement Support Garden. 202021, an increase from previous years.listen and give me advice that was The team is made up of three sta and 21invaluable. I felt I could open up to H, sheWe have developed our new Sunower volunteers. At the time of writing they aregave me strength to deal with all myGarden very ably assisted by HMP supporting 218 clients, and graduallyemotions dealing with my loss andHaverigg and sta from Stollers. Funds for returning to facetoface assessments andsituations that I found myself in. I can stillthe building materials, equipment and the support. hear her words in my head when I thinkdelivery of our associated Gardening about certain situations that upset me.Bereavement Support Programme were Support from Cumbria Communitygenerously awarded by the Town Lands Foundation ensured we could continue toFor many who have been grieving inTrust and the Coop Community Fund. deliver our core services and respond toisolation, one way of receiving support hasFunding through the Coop was generated increased demand in specic areas.been by becoming a member of the Stby our fantastic community, shopping at Alongside the National Lottery, CumbriaMarys Facebook Bereavement Supportour local Coop stores.If you havent Community Foundation supported us togroup. This group has over 100 members indone so already, this is a really easy way to increase Bereavement Support witha safe and supportive environmentsupport St Marys. Just sign up for a additional sta time, recruitment andconnecting with others. At the height ofmembership card and select St Marys as training for more of our inspirationalrestrictions, Linda, one of our bereavementyour chosen charity. Each time you shop bereavement volunteers.volunteers, set up twice weekly Zoom callsat the Coop, scan your card and as well as for the members of the Facebook group toreceiving discounts and money o Linda, Family and Bereavement Supportcome together to support one another.coupons for yourself, the Coop makes a Volunteer: To know that I am doingPauline, a member of the Facebook group,donation to us! 11'