b"Back to Business The challenges of the last 18 months have made us even more grateful to all of the businesses big and small who provide us with support; our corporate supporters and partners play a vital role in helping us provide the ongoing care and support that many local families depend on during a dicult time. There are many mutually benecial ways we can work together and we would love to have you on board.Stollers Thank You for the support they received from their customers during 2020/21, Stollers Furniture World have gave something back2 generous cheques to St Marys Hospice. rstedWe have worked with the hospice for years but since 2019 we rsted are our ocial event sponsor and have consistentlyhave formed even closer links.We have seen the rewards not gone above and beyond during our relationship. rsted are anjust to St Marys but to us as a business and our sta. We've international company who truly care about the communitiesalways valued our customers and to see the sense of in which they operate and who never cease to amaze us withcommunity evolve during these last couple of years have been their dedication, commitment and support. Theyvenothing short of inspiring. So our donations are more than a contributed to us over a number of years now and weve builtmonetary gift, its a thank you to everyone who have stepped up a great relationship with them. Thank you rsted. You are aup and shown their support to their communities. We hope ne example of how big business can integrate into a localthat others will be inspired to do likewise. community and we are lucky to have you on our doorstep. Lee Stoller, Stollers Furniture WorldPlaydale The team at Playdale asked the business to support St Marys Hospice because the work the hospice does has aected many people within the business and local community. The Playdale team are enthusiastic fundraisers, who, in their own time, organise golf events, race nights, bake sales, Halloween fancy dress competitions and participate in organised events, raising money for the hospice. The business has also made corporate donations."