b'Orangery CafOur talented kitchen cooks up a storm, 365 days a yearOur kitchen feeds patients, families, caf customers and sta 365 days a year. We have ve talented chefs who are supported by an equally talented kitchen assistant.Since reopening in April 2021 the have made over 500The Orangery has served since April approximately 35,000 items afternoon teas. For each of these there are eight dierentwhich includes 13,000 drinks and 6,000 full meals. That elements, which means theyve made over 4000 minidelightsgenerates a lot of washing up and at least 44,000 items have including over 500 scones and 2000 cakeswhich doesntbeen washed up by our kitchen assistant, the chefs, our caf sta, include those they make for service every day in the Orangery.volunteers and even our CEO gets her hands in the sink when we are super busy to help keep the wheels of industry turning.Almost everything on our menu is home made. Pies, quiches, curries, sh cakes, soup, garlic mushrooms, sandwich llings,The reviews we get are superb, and the beautiful views from coleslaw and couscousthey even make their own garlic mayo.the Orangery are proving so popular that booking is And 8 out of every 10 cakes sold is made freshly onsite.recommended.'