b"Gifts in WillsGifts in Wills are life driven decisions2 out of every 10 patients at St Marysreceive probate. This happened recently, that are death activated. Leaving a giftare cared for via gifts in wills, making it awhen we were informed that a local in your will is anincredibly positive andvital income stream for the hospice, asfarmer, Jack Dent, had left us 50,000 in empowering thing to do. And best ofwell as an amazing way in which you can.his will.all, you dont need to be especially wealthy or have a huge estateprettyJacks daughters said: Dad always said it much anyone can be philanthropic inwas better to give than to receive, and death.were really proud that he made the decision to leave a legacy gift for the Did you know you can choose to leavehospice so he could go on giving and just 1% of your legacy to St Marys helping others. He was forward thinking, meaning your loved ones are taken carecheerful and had a great sense of of and receive 99% of your estate? Evenhumour. He had really strong morals and a small contribution, like 1%, can make Im really proud of him for leaving this a tremendous dierence to a charityMore often than not the rst time wegift.He didnt have any connection to like St Marys. hear about a gift in a will is when wethe hospice that we know of, but he loved to give and help others. LotteryOne of the most popular ways that people support St Marys isIf you would like to join our lottery family with the chance of by playing our weekly lottery. winning 1st prize of 1,000 each week and other cash prizes. Please visit www.stmaryshospice.org.uk or scan the QR code We want it to be a fun way to support us. We have limits inbelow. place to ensure the welfare of lottery players and, if you werethinking of buying some kind of lottery ticket, then supportingLocal lottery a local lottery like ours is a great way to ensure the money youplayers paid for spend benets your local communityand you never know,1 in 5 patients you might just scoop our 1,000 weekly prize!on our In-PatientUnit in 2020A line in our lottery costs just 1but all those 1s add up, and in the last year the lottery raised over 270,000 net incomeenough to pay for the care of more than 20 patients on our IPU.St Marys Hospice would like to thank all our loyal lottery playersyou really do make a dierence. Players must be aged 16 years and overA fun and easy way to support St Mary's Hospice Licensed by the Gambling Commission Trusts and Grantswww.stmaryshospice.org.uk 27"