b'Our Care In-Patient UnitWe have travelled the journey together, the new medical team, the new Supportive Care UK specialist palliative care consultants, the nursing and care teams, and, of course, our patients and their families. We have maintained a compassionate approach to visiting on the IPU, whilst being very mindful of the necessary infection precautions that needed to be taken. We are very grateful for the wonderful support we have had from family visitors, who have undertaken daily covid lateral ow testing prior to visiting, and coordinated between them to ensure numbers of visitors were kept to the safe limits set.The sta adjusted brilliantly to undertaking weekly lateral ow and PCR covid testing. Working whilst wearing PPE has given us many challenges. It has been harder to talk eectively when wearing a face mask, and our usual hugs have had to be curtailed!The hospice helped my family cope and say goodbye at a very dicult time, even with the extra diculty Kate DavisonClinical Lead for the InPatient Unit (IPU) andof covid around. Hospice at Home: As a team, we always tend to look at things from many We proudly provide both InPatient support, for those whodierent perspectives, really listening to what is important to want to come into the hospice, and Hospice at Home support, which means we provide services in patients homes. The IPU oers support for many dierent reasons including symptom management.This is when someone who has a life limiting illness in the community has uncontrolled symptoms and is admitted to the IPU for a period of assessment.Following this period of assessment, a treatment plan is formulated and agreed with the patient.This can take time but is usually within a 2 week period, following this, the patient is then discharged home with support from the community in place.We also oer support for patients who are in their last days/weeks of life.Whilst it is always sad when someone dies, we believe that providing people with dignity and respecting their wishes is central to what our ethos is at the hospice.Our IPU reopened with our new medical team in April 2020, in the midst of the pandemic. We opened early in reaction to the need that was evident in the community.We initially opened four beds, but soon increased to six, and always keep a seventh ready for an emergency, so that we are always able to react and serve the community when needed.Since reopening of the IPU, we have supported over 120 patients and their families.'