b"Our CareHospice At HomeIt has been a very busy year for ourcan reach and care for even the Hospice at Home team, who care andremotest of patients. support people who wish to be cared for at home as they approach the endCaring for a loved one at home can be of life. We cared for 361 patients andrewarding but also very tiring and their families in 202021, and supportedemotionally draining. So, supporting and 208 patients to die in their own home.caring for family carers is a veryAfter a patient dies at home, our Hospice As with all healthcare services, staimportant part of Hospice at Home care:at Home team will contact the family adjusted to wearing PPE andcarer to oer support and advice as maintaining infection preventionYou were a great support to us.required. They can refer a family to our measures, alongside delivery of expertKnowing that someone experienced inbereavement support service, who can palliative care:care for the dying was coming to helpcarry forward that support on a longerwas brilliant. I actually looked forward toterm basis. From the rst instance the Hospice atseeing the nurses and their quiet, Home girls came into our lives and I canfriendly and competent visits. HavingOur team works very closely with honestly say that their service,looked after mum in our home forCommunity Nursing teams, Specialist compassion and care was second toseveral months and coping with herNurses and GPs to ensure care is none. They listened, acted upon andsteadily deteriorating circumstances, itcoordinated and eective. We take part cared for our every need. They loved andwas good to have someone makein a weekly multidisciplinary team cried with us. They helped keep us safesuggestions, answer questions andmeeting alongside community and throughout the Covid19, alwaysgenerally encourage us to go on whenhospital based sta, including the local covering up and we appreciate them forwe were tired and discouraged. ThankPalliative Speciality Doctor, and that. I kept my husband at home until hisyouundertake joint visits with colleagues as journey ended and for that I will benecessary.forever grateful to the girls for helping usI often questioned whether I was doing to achieve itthe right thing. It was helpful to feelWe provide support to local care someone would listenagencies and care homes, providing advice and guidance when needed, and We provided 452 Night Sits in 202021;we have also provided additional an experienced Healthcare Assistantpersonal care when a care package has stays in the home overnight, providingnot been available for a patient personal care, comfort and support forapproaching end of life. the patient to give a family carer a rest and a nights sleep. Our whole family are so grateful for the In December just as the wet and coldcare and support we all had from your weather hit, Sir John Fisher FoundationWe are so grateful for the love, care andHospice at Home Team.The nurses came to the rescue of our Hospice atsupport our Dad and Grandad receivedwere kind, caring, compassionate, and Home nurses, providing a much neededfrom St Mary's Hospice. In particularinformative and provided us with the replacement vehicle equipped to cope(our Night Sitter). In his last few weeks,much needed backup so we could look with the toughest of Cumbrian weatherhis visits from her was something for himafter our much loved Dad in our own and terrain. Our Hospice at Home nursesto look forward to and made him smile.home, his very wish.In these covid have been able to support Patients andIt has been a dicult time for the wholetimes, Dad was so lucky to have a good their families across South Lakeland, safefamily but when she was here, it was likedeath. It is all we wish for, for our loved in the knowledge that day or night theya breath of fresh air.ones and ourselves.7"