b'All this wouldI hope to update you in the coming months on the progress not be possiblewe are making. without the donationsAs Kelsey has stated, we could not run our Living Well service received fromwithout our wonderful volunteers. We are thankful that we people like youarenow in a position to start bringing our volunteers back to and fromsupport our services. Here is what our volunteer Maddie has businessesto say: within the local community.I really enjoy listening to all the stories our day hospice Your donationspatients have to tell about their lives. One patient lived in help us toLondon. It amazed me how dierent her life was and the developpeople she grew up with. Her stories were always so beautifulinteresting. We all love Otis the dog visiting. It is wonderful therapy roomswatching how people react to him. My role in the day hospice at both theis to meet and greet the patients. I serve teas and coee and Living Wellhelp serve lunch. I assist with setting up the room for dierent Centre and at St Marys Hospice. We have also been able toactivities and help clear away after.I feel my condence has purchase equipment that will enable us to work out in thegrown and Im very happy to lead some of the games and community delivering complementary therapies to those whoactivities. I feel very well supported by Marie and her team. are unable to get to us. I am enjoying working with patients onMaureen is one of our day hospice patients.the IPU and there has been amazing feedback saying how much they enjoy the treatments.This really is an exciting time for the whole Living Well Team. Myself, my manager Marie Simmonds and the rest of our team, which includes a creative therapist and occupational therapist have a shared aspiration to reach and improve the lives of as many people possible.If anyone would be interested in volunteering, I would love to hear from you.I enjoyed the day hospice immensely. There was always someone to talk to and something dierent to do each week. I felt humble and elated to be able to attend the day hospice. I feel in a better frame of mind after the session. It was also nice to make new friends as I really enjoy talking to other people. I would denitely recommend this service to other people.9'