Why volunteer?

Volunteering with St Mary’s Hospice is so much more than donating your spare time to a worthy cause. We believe that our volunteers are all a part of the family that helps this Hospice to survive. Each and every person who contributes, no matter what skills they bring, is sharing in a journey.

Over 300 volunteers support St Mary’s Hospice, each unique and with their own story of why they choose to help. Here are some of the reasons that people give their time and skills to the Hospice:

  • To learn and develop skills to assist in their future career: St Mary’s relies on the community around it, and we’d love to play a part in helping members of that community grow and succeed.
  • To meet new people and widen their social circle: Many of our volunteers have made friends for life by giving us their time and by being part of a great team.
  • To have fun: Surprised by that one? You shouldn’t be! It’s always great to hear a new volunteer say how they love the warm welcome and the fun that we have. Whether you are volunteering for one of our fundraising events, helping out in our Living Well afternoons, sharing your skills in our shops or serving delicious food in our café. Every role brings a sense of pride and enjoyment and supports the work we do.

This page is here for you, our potential volunteers. We want you to see the work that people like you do, the difference that you all make, and understand how rewarding the journey can be not only for the Hospice, not only for the people that we care for and their families, but also for you. This is your volunteering journey. And we’re with you every step of the way.For more information please call 01229 580 305 or email volunteers@stmaryshospice.org.uk

We would not be able to provide the services that we do without our wonderful team of more than 300 volunteers. Read our volunteers’ inspiring stories …

See our Volunteering Opportunities to find your perfect role, or visit our FAQs to answer your questions or apply now and be part of a great team!