Amanda and Craig tackle January Challenges to fundraise in Kev’s name


Amanda says “This is about my mate Kev. Kev is the same age as me. He has lived 9 lives, had some amazing jobs and done some amazing things. He is also a secret phenomenally talented artist at drawing and painting. He is a lovely, warm, funny, bear of a man, who gets inside the heart of everyone he meets. He has a wonderful wife called Helen who makes him really happy and the two of them together are like forged steel.” Craig adds “This is about an ex-colleague of mine, Kev. Kev is completely bonkers but impossible not to like. He is a lovely, warm, funny, bear of a man, who gets inside the heart of everyone he meets.”

Amanda continues “Next Christmas, Helen will be celebrating on her own. Because Kev has terminal liver cancer. And that’s just not fair. I can’t stop the horrible disease and I can’t synthesise a cure for Kev, but I want to do something. What I can do is a little tiny thing to help ease Kev’s last few weeks, and that is raise some much needed funds for St Mary’s Hospice.” Craig agrees “I discovered through a mutual friend that Kev has been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer, and felt I had to do something to help. I’m not going to be able to help fix the problem, but I want to do something. I thought I would ride 300 miles as this is my preferred mode of exercise.”

Amanda says “To raise money, I am going to run every single day through the cold, dark, sober month of January, whether it’s frozen and slippery, northerly and gusty or raining sideways and muddy. Morning, noon or night. I am going to run for 31 days and I will have to dig deep to go out on many of those. Kev will be with me in spirit for every one. I am aiming for a total of 100 miles.

And Craig explains”To achieve my challenge I am going to need cycle an average of 10 miles a day through January, which doesn’t sound much, but this will mean going out pretty much every day, when I averaged about 2.5 days a week last year. I’ve made a start and it’s pretty grim out there at the moment. I usually go in the mornings when it’s still dark, and there is plenty of ice about.

“We love you to donate to our pages so that the Hospice can keep going, and Kev and his family can benefit, and others like him afterwards.  
Many many thanks for your support.”