In a good place to die with St Mary’s Hospice

Dying Matters Awareness Week, 2-6 May, is our chance to get our community talking about dying and grief. We want everyone to be #InAGoodPlace when they die – physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually, and crucially, with the right care and support. St Mary’s Hospice has supporting services at every stage to help patients and their loved ones across our community to be in a good place and enabling choice wherever possible.

We know that it’s by talking, and by sharing stories, that we can change the conversation about death. When we talk about dying and grief, we remove the taboo and stigma that have for too long surrounded these topics. And we encourage our community to share their stories and experience wherever possible to help others to get the support they need, break down barriers and learn from and improve experiences.

Dying Matters Awareness Week is our chance to join the Dying Matters movement – to get talking about death and dying, and support end of life care for all.

Let’s talk about dying and grief, and our plans for the end of life, so that everyone can die #InAGoodPlace.

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