Hear What our Staff Say

“I feel it’s an honour and a privilege to work at St Mary’s, helping to care and support our patients, their families and loved ones. Being able to give the care and the time we would wish for our loved ones. There is no other job like it.” – IPU and Hospice at Home Sister
(been at St Mary’s 18.5 years)

“They say if you love the job you do then you’ll never work I day in your life! To wake up and know you are helping contribute to making a real change to people’s lives is both humbling and inspiring. This is why I ‘heart the hospice.” – Head of Fundraising

“I love my job because I get to see, hear and share the difference St Mary’s makes. I’m inspired by the people we meet and the love and support from across our community, which enables us to continue to be here.” – Marketing Manager

“What I love about my job is that I can make a difference to patients and their families when they are suffering, sometimes at the lowest point in their lives.” – Hospice at Home nurse

“We’re in a great position as we get to meet new and wonderful people every day. We get to hear our supporter’s incredible stories and capture the amazing memories they have.” – Member of the Marketing Team

“What I love about working at the hospice is that the love our clinical teams show to patients and families is reflected back in the way our community supports us.” – Chief Exec

“I love the positive reaction you get when you tell people where you work.” – Health and Safety and Facilities Manager