Good Grief! It’s Dying Matters week

Dying Matters is a national campaign that started in 2010. Each year hundreds of events take place as part of Dying Matters Awareness Week, which this year runs from May 13-19. The campaign aims to encourage people to become more comfortable talking about death and grief, and to sort out the practical issues about their own death: funeral plans, wills, organ donation, and end of life care. Above all, it wants people to discuss and share these plans so that the right information is available at the right time.
To highlight this week we have worked with our Family and Bereavement team to create a new series called ‘Good Grief!’ that looks at the taboos of grief.
We would like to thank our lovely online bereavement group members who kindly took part in this short video.

Bereavement, which is a difficult experience under any situation, is taking place under very challenging circumstances during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
If you know someone who is grieving the death of someone close you may wonder how best to support them. Read on for some suggestions of what to say and do.
People who have been bereaved may want to talk about the person who has died. One of the most helpful things you can do is simply listen, and give them time and space to grieve. Offering specific practical help, not vague general offers, can also be very helpful.
Be there for the person who is grieving – pick up the phone, write a letter or an email.
Accept that everyone grieves in their own way, there is no ‘normal’ way.
Encourage the person to talk.
Listen to the person.
Create an environment in which the bereaved person can be themselves and show their feelings, rather than having to put on a front.
Be aware that grief can take a long time.
Contact the person at difficult times such as special anniversaries and birthdays.
The Family Support and Bereavement Team have adapted our service during this difficult time and are now providing both telephone and online support. Please do not hesitate to contact the team if you would like to find out more about the support available.

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