St Mary’s delight with success at national Charity Governance awards

St Mary’s Hospice is delighted to share our success at the Charity Governance Awards 2020. St Mary’s won the award for Improving Project with our Living Well project.

“Judges admired the open and collaborative approach to reporting and continuous learning that the board demonstrated. The spirit of collaboration was particularly evident in the development of a project delivery steering group that ensured all partners were working together closely to achieve the best possible outcomes for service users. The willingness of the board to openly discuss mistakes, revisiting and reflecting on the charity’s operations, showed a spirit of humility and an appetite for continuous learning and improvement.

Whilst our communities – and the charities that support them – are facing unprecedented challenges at this time, we hope these charities and their stories can inspire and give hope for continuing and improved charity governance across the UK, now and in the future.”

On the awards website you’ll find all the highlights, all the key announcements in addition to a welcome video, the winners’ live reactions to winning their awards and their acceptance speeches – well worth taking the time to watch as Val Stangoe accepts our award!

Graham Jowett, Chair of Trustees: “Just think – an unprecedented difficult and potentially catastrophic year and through it all St Mary’s has stood tall. A new medical model, innovative practices, one of the best teams one could wish for, a number of prestigious regional and now a national award and two royal visits. An up and down year but on the whole a positive one. We’d like to thank all our supporters for never losing faith in us.”

Sarah Simpson, St Mary’s Marketing Manager: “St Mary’s has a brilliant team of staff and volunteers including our Trustees who work hard to ensure the hospice is in safe hands. It is a real achievement to win a national award. And shines a light on people working hard behind the scenes too. All who work together and make St Mary’s Hospice the special place it is in our community.”

Meet the team who bring a wide range of expertise and experience that makes up our Trustees and Senior Management Team,