St Mary’s Hospice has received vital oxygen therapy equipment thanks to a donation by Forge

St Mary’s Hospice, needed to update their equipment with a new oxygen concentrator, a machine that produces oxygen from air for patients with breathing difficulties. And when local LED solutions manufacturer Forge found out, owner Peter Barton stepped into action by donating two machines.

Peter Barton, Forge: “We are delighted they are going to be useful and very pleased to help in these challenging times. David Scott-Maxwell at Forge did a very tenacious and speedy job at ‘sourcing’, whilst it was my initial idea to procure – so we did it together.”

Oxygen concentrators are expensive devices used for people who need oxygen therapy. A concentrator takes oxygen from the air which means that patients do not need to use an oxygen cylinder.

Jo Blake, St Mary’s Head of Clinical Care & Education: “The two oxygen concentrators have arrived and we are so grateful to Forge for donating these to us. The model is just right for our hospice environment. We currently have one which is really quite old and noisy, so being able to replace it and have an additional one is a real bonus. This has saved a considerable expense for the hospice this year. Oxygen concentrators play an important role in bringing comfort by helping to alleviate the breathless some of our patient’s experience.”

Julie Barton, the High Sheriff of Cumbria added: “Cumbrian businesses are really stepping up and supporting Cumbrian charities during lockdown in spite of it being an incredibly difficult time for everyone. Thank you to all of them. I’m incredibly proud of my own company Forge in Ulverston and include them in this thanks. My husband Peter and CEO, David have tenaciously sourced and donated two much needed oxygen concentrators to St Mary’s Hospice in Ulverston.”