St Mary’s Living Well Programme

Living with illness can be hard. There are different ways people find to manage illness. Some find it helps to talk with those with similar problems, learning together how to manage. Many find staying active through exercise and other activity helps. Having fun with others can also take your mind from your illness.

Our experience is that we can learn how to influence our health and improve our wellbeing.

At St Mary’s we have a team of therapists, nurses and health care assistants who provide a range of group and individual therapies for people living with long-term conditions that impact on their lives. These are provided in our Living Well Centre in Barrow, as well as at the hospice in Ulverston and within the home setting. The team are skilled at adapting therapeutic techniques and approaches to meet the needs of individuals.

Throughout the year we deliver our Living Well Programmes in a variety of venues in the South Lakes and Furness area. In the Living Well Programme, groups of patients and their carers come together for one afternoon a week for 6 sessions to learn practical tools and techniques to help them cope with illness and enhance their wellbeing. The sessions bring together people facing similar challenges in a very practical programme and they are invited to experience a range of breathing and relaxation techniques, adapted tai chi and seated exercise and other skills that can help support health and wellness.

If you would like to find out more information about the Living Well programme or our other support services please contact the team on 01229 444407.