Order a cake-away from St Mary’s Orangery Cafe! We’re now on Ulverston and Barrow Eats

Hot news fresh out of our Orangery Cafe: you can now order a cake-away! (thanks Clare!):
“CAKE!!!!! We’ve dragged ourselves kicking and screaming into the 21st century and we’re bringing our fantastic cakes with us. You heard it here first – We’re on Ulverston and Barrow Eats. This is huge for us so we’re starting with Click and Collect Cake, all your favourites that you’ve been yearning for are on there. Shimmy on over to the app and you can see what’s on offer, obvs Mars Bar Krispie, Viennese Jam Shortcake – ooh it’s all too lovely. Get your cakes ordered- all totally guilt free, 100% of our profits go to St Mary’s Hospice you’re stuffing your faces for charity – Amazing!”
You can order now for collection Wed-Fri afternoons, all the info is on the app. We’ll do our best to get it right but please please drop us a message if we get something wrong. We will be adding in Gluten Free cakes shortly, we’re having a bash at the usual suspects first and we’ll expand our Menu as we go along.”