We’ve launched our virtual Living well programme!

This is Cath enjoying her challenge this week to take part in 20 minutes of exercise. She joined the chair based yoga session accessed through our online Living well and staying connected group and is staying active!

Lockdown meant she was not moving as much and Cath said she was starting to notice the effects. Cath feels that joining the Living Well Programme is a good way of keeping her moving. Cath feels she has improved her mobility, her shoulders have improved and she can stretch and move them more now. It gives her motivation to DO! Cath says that that “The Living Well Programme packs and zoom meetings are really helpful and I enjoy them. I feel like I am learning a lot from them”.

The Living Well Programme was previously was a 6 week face to face group programme, however, due to the current situation of the COVID pandemic, we are unable to safely facilitate this. We have adapted this service to support our patients in the community to stay connected and receive vital support to deal with their health condition. We are doing this virtually by sending packs out with advice, information and tasks to complete – adapted to each patients. We follow up weekly with a phone call or video zoom session (depending on your preference) to share ideas and discuss techniques which have helped. The Living Well Programme is for patients who are dealing with long term health conditions and experience symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, low mood, breathlessness and pain. The programme is also available for carers of these patients too. Living with illness can be hard, so our Occupational Therapist will be able to support you to consider coping mechanisms, practical techniques, or simple ideas which aim to improve wellbeing and allow you to live life to the fullest. This is a 6 week programme looking at planning & pacing techniques, nutrition, fatigue and exercise, stress and relaxation, sleep, and therapeutic activities.

If you would like to discuss a referral for Living Well Programme please contact St Marys Hospice on 01229 580305 and ask for Louisa Warner – Occupational Therapy. You can also discuss this with your GP or health professional and request a referral.