Helen’s Story

I retired from my full time job within the NHS six years ago and returned on a part time basis, working two days a week. As well as working I had spent 14 years taking care of my grandchildren one or two days a week and during the school holidays, also visiting my elderly mother several times a week to help her with housework, shopping etc.

Suddenly my grandchildren were growing up and did not need me as much and my mum was take into a care home. Although I was still working two days per week I found I had more spare time on my hands and, having overcome breast cancer three years ago, I had always felt I wanted to ‘give something back’ so applied to become a volunteer at St Mary’s Hospice.

I am happy to share my skills and experience to work on reception. My mum says ‘treat people how you would like to be treated’ and I think it is important to bring this to my role welcoming people to St Mary’s.