Thomas’s Story

Without the support of our local community, we would not be able to provide specialist care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, free of charge. Thomas Crossley and his close friend Gwen Hayward make regular donations that help to pay for the care that we provide.

Thomas lives in Ulverston and has just celebrated his 90th birthday. Gwen goes to visit him every week, to clean and care for him. Instead of Thomas paying Gwen for her care, they have decided that he will donate the money to St Mary’s Hospice. This generous and selfless arrangement means that the hospice has received £10,500 over the last few years from Thomas and Gwen.

Thomas hasn’t received any services from St Mary’s, he says that he and Gwen decided to make the donation because of how they’ve seen the hospice help others. He says “We wanted to give something back to St Mary’s as they have done so much to help our local community.”

Some of our donors do extraordinary physical feats, some of our donors simply give what they can when they can and we are grateful for every donation. Thomas and Gwen’s amazing total donation has helped pay for a full day of care here at St Mary’s Hospice – so thank you to them and thank you to everyone who cares, so that we can continue to care.