David’s Story

David had such a lovely, unprejudiced personality paired with a dry sense of humour. His positive outlook on life was inspirational. Nothing was too much trouble for him, with his caring nature, wit, honesty and always helping others he was well thought off and touched so many hearts. Being from Newcastle he always considered himself firstmost a Geordie. He was a passionate microbiologist working in the local path lab. David enjoyed being out in nature, whether it was in our garden or some walking here and then, his beloved dog always accompanying.

Once David discovered beekeeping more than 10 years ago, it became a passion and all things beekeeping related a pastime he found great joy in. Over many years he was active in the village committee and the local beekeeping committee, always willing to lend a hand and his thoughts.

He cooked the most delicious meals, often from his head and never really following any cook books (mostly!). His creative side didn’t stop there and his various crafts projects included trying out pottery and painting. Holidays were spent travelling and exploring various places in Europe and further afield.

When illness struck he was defiant and positive and battling until the end.

David and me have always regarded the work of St Mary’s Hospice inspirational and the services it provides a lifeline of support for people in the local community. The medical staff / nurses of the St  Mary’s Hospice at Home were an invaluable support in providing care for David throughout the last weeks of his life and in such contributing to enabling David to remain in our home, something which was always close to his heart and something which I am so thankful for. The true kindness and professionalism of the Hospice of Home staff was very humbling to experience for me personally. The care, positivity and moral support not only David but also I received from the staff was second to none. You are all truly amazing and I have much appreciation for you!

Choosing the St Mary’s Hospice as a place to remember David is not only a deep personal one filled with gratitude but is also a fitting tribute to David in a way that it matches his philosophy of support and giving back to the local community.

The memory tree symbolises to me the tree of life. David’s life has impacted on many and his spirit still lives on, like a tree lives for hundreds of years, and as such the “memory tree” is a fitting way to remember and to leave a lasting legacy of a unique life.

David loved nature and trees – his favourite being magnolia, hankerchief tree and apple tree – and dedicating a leaf on the “memory tree” is something I know David would be very happy about. A nice analogy: Leaves fall off and go back into soil and are goodness for the benefit of new growth.
Together we often ate and drank tea and coffee at the Orangery. A place of calm and positivity.
Every time I visit the Orangery I have a look at the “memory tree” and look at his leave and know his soul is in peace.

Thank you for sharing David’s story

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Comment From David received Hospice at Home care

… enabling David to remain in our home, something which was always close to his heart and something which I am so thankful for

David received Hospice at Home care