Take a virtual tour of our Orangery Café and Gift Shop!

Karl Hannah from Furness 360 Media has loaned his skills and expertise free of charge to St Mary’s Hospice and produced this magnificent virtual tour of the Orangery Café and Gift Shop. Not only did he complete the work in less than 24hrs, he also prepared the terrace by voluntarily power washing the flagstones in his spare time!

Ex-soldier and communications wizard Karl was pleased to lend a hand having met different members of the hospice team through their shared memberships at BNI Endeavour. He said “It’s great to be able to give something back to somewhere like the hospice, and a pleasure to showcase the special place that it is.”

Hospitality manager Clare Tyson says “This is going to be so beneficial to the Orangery and the gift shop. We have come such a long way dispelling the idea that to visit the Orangery you have to have some connection with the hospice or that you may open a door and see a patient lying in a bed. The virtual tour is so helpful in showing potential customers that we are just a regular café and gift shop, that they can see this on our website before they’ve even visited is such a bonus . It is so useful as well to show nervous customers that our tables are well spaced and that we are taking Covid safety measures seriously. Publicity like this is costly and to have it free is amazing. “

Please click the link: Furness 360 Media’s to see more of their work and find out more about virtual tours.