b"Being on reception on the InPatient Unit is totally dierent to being on main reception, but very rewarding. The sta are so grateful for everything I do. I was given great training by Jo Blake which certainly helped me to settle in Helen, Volunteer on IPU ReceptionAnd, yes, we even conquered use of Teams and Zoom for having meetings and keeping connected with teams external to the hospice. We continue to work with closely with our community and hospitalbased colleagues and have great relationships with the palliative care and district nursing teams. We have a virtual meeting every week with the hospital and community teams, during which we endeavour to provide a seamless service for the patients and those important to them, to ensure that there is the consistency of care, which is the patient and the family.Giving very individual, personalisedso important for people. care is a top priority for us. Our exact needs were met and my wife passed away in the best environment that was possibly available without pain and suering.For one patient, it was really important that she saw her Mr Darcy again.Sta were also quite keen for this to happen; however, they were met with a surprise when they met Mr Darcyhe was the most magnicent horse, brought into the hospice car park by the patients family.Our hospice care includes our wonderful environment which is kept so clean and fresh by the fantastic housekeeping team, and the tasty wellpresented meals, made by our own hospice kitchen and catering team. As one family member said:The care and understanding my husband received was excellent. The sta were absolutely brilliant and his room was superb. Also, the quality and choice of meals was outstanding. I cannot praise or thank St Mary's enough.Our administrators have worked very exibly, supportingLooking excitedly ahead, we recently received a grant from where the need was greateston the reception desk on IPU,Morrisons Foundation to transform our IPU bathroom and making sure phone calls were answered as sta couldnt doprovide a welcoming and relaxing hydrotherapy and wellbeing this readily when wearing PPE, supporting the various clinicalexperience for patients. Keep an eye on our social media posts teams with administrative functions. We now have volunteersfor updates, as this wonderful project unfolds. helping to sta the InPatient reception area which is a tremendous help. All sta gave accurate advice, fromOverall the service is outstandingmeeting needs before management, nurses, doctors, people manning the desk,even asking.support workers, caf sta.All sta are friendly, courteous and polite. 5"