Hannah’s – Guest Blogger – Story

Hannah is St Mary’s guest blogger. She is also a writer and poet, who has won a number of high profile awards for her work. She’s hoping to break down misconceptions surrounding hospice care, and encourage those who are seriously ill to try hospice services – because they aren’t just for those at the end of their lives.

Hannah says about St Mary’s: “The person centred care is the most special thing for us as a family. It is so difficult to find a place able to take someone with complex medical needs like myself, and somewhere that is flexible. Secondly, I would say the building of St Mary’s is really special. The café with its gorgeous views, the stunning views in room 1, the bird feeding stations outside every other room, the spiral staircase and general open, homely, non-clinical ambience.

Hannah has thoughtfully been making a difference by making syringe driver bags:

I have been making myself syringe driver bags ever since I have needed them. It’s a very personal thing because you need to carry them around with you twenty four hours a day. I have adapted the usual design used to make the bags, by making them taller and putting a press stud inside, so that you can bend over and the driver not fall out! I have had so many near misses!

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The person centred care is the most special thing for us as a family.

Hannah's Story