Charity of the Year

Nominating St Mary’s Hospice as your Charity of the Year can be mutually beneficial. You, as the corporate partner, know that the hospice is a popular local charity that your staff and customers will be proud to see an association with. We, at the hospice, as well as generating income, are able to get our message across about the range of services we offer and how to access them to a much wider audience. By pledging your support to St Mary’s, you will promote a positive, caring image of your business. We can show you first-hand how your contributions make a difference to local people.

Being your charity of the year can be a lot of fun and give your staff the opportunity to get to know the work of the hospice and be more involved. You might set a fundraising target for your staff to achieve either through participating in our events or holding your own. You might encourage all staff to join our lottery of sign up for our Regular Giving Scheme. Your business might make a one of donation to support a particular service that we deliver. We can provide talks in the workplace, and tours of the hospice so that all parties have a better understanding of how vital your support is to us, boosting workplace morale and job satisfaction. We can also share our skills with you – stress management, relaxation techniques and emotional resilience are everyday practices at St Mary’s Hospice and invaluable lessons we can teach to your staff.

If you would like to find out more about how making St Mary’s Hospice your Charity of the year is the right choice for you, please email or ring 01229 580305