St Mary’s Hospice Community Hub

St Mary’s Hospice Community Hub in Barrow

The St Mary’s Hospice Community Hub in Barrow is designed to give people living with long term illnesses a place to go where they can focus on staying independent and keeping themselves as well as possible.

Who is the service for?

Inside the centre there are different activities for people and their families who live with advancing physical illness including heart disease, lung disease, neurological conditions, dementia or cancer.

What can the service do?

Living with illness can be hard and every individual finds their own way to manage. Some like to talk to those with similar problems while others find exercise or other enjoyable activity helps. Just having a cup of tea and a laugh in good company can take your mind away from your illness.

How can I get referred?

Some groups are open for you to drop in. Please just come along when they are running for a warm welcome and a cup of tea.

Other groups need a more formal approach so we can check the activity is suitable for you. In this case please get in touch on 01229 580305, or speak to your Consultant, GP or Specialist Nurse and ask them to refer you to the St Mary’s Compassionate Communities Team.

What’s your address?

St Mary’s Hospice Community Hub is at 299-301 Duke Street Barrow LA14 1XU

Want to hire a room?

We encourage 3rd sector organisations working with people living with long term conditions to come and use our centre, room rates negotiable. If you are an organisation wanting a small meeting/training room you can rent the Hindpool room – please ring for information on 01229 444407.