Important Information

Lateral Flow Testing for Visitors

We’re delighted to say our registered nurses can now test In-Patient visitors for Covid-19 before they come onto the unit.

The process, called Lateral Flow Testing, is the same as the one used in care homes and gives a result within 30 minutes. Visitor testing adds another layer of protection for hospice patients, staff and visitors and helps keep our In-Patient Unit open so people in our community can get the support they need.

Staff Covid 19 Testing and Vaccination

Staff working in the hospice and out in patient’s homes have begun self-testing to ensure they do not have the virus. Staff are now taking routine weekly Covid 19 tests to help keep patients and families safe.

All hospice staff have also been offered the covid vaccine and there has been a very good take up of this across all hospice teams.

St Mary’s Commitment to the Environment

At St Mary’s we are committed to working to minimise our impact on the environment and ensure our actions and activities reflect this. We are delighted to work with Green Small Business and achieve certification:

Green Small Business Certification


St Mary’s Zero Tolerance Policy

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