Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Is your school looking to make a positive impact in the community this year? Are you looking to support a cause and teach your students about the importance of social responsibility? Perhaps teach your students about social entrepreneurship? If so, St Mary’s can help you.

No matter what your age, we are keen to engage with enthusiastic students who want to raise money for a good cause, in the heart of your community. Our Area Fundraisers are on hand to offer you and your class support, advice and tips to help make your fundraising event bigger and better than ever. We can also offer new ideas for a fundraising event if you cannot decide what to organise.

Our fundraising team would love to come and give your school an insight into the work we do at St Mary’s Hospice, just get in touch!
If you would like to get your school involved in fundraising for St Mary’s Hospice contact the Fundraising Team on: 01229 580 305 or email us at

We understand that things might be a little different in schools this year. So we have put together some ideas that are safe and fun! Download our winter newsletter to see what other children have been up to!

Here are some fundraising ideas you can do in school:

  • Sponsored Walk – Be like Captain Tom and raise money by walking laps of the playground.
  • Sunflower day – plant some sunflowers or make a display with our crafty ideas, maybe wear something yellow!
  • Rainbow day – take a break from school uniform and wear your brightest clothes! How about a colourful and creative display?
  • Gameathon –  challenge your friends and family to stay up and play games for so many hours!
  • PJ day – Enjoy wearing pyjamas to school or college and pay a fee to take part.
  • Spelling bee – test your spelling skills, pay an entry fee to take part and give a prize to the winner
  • Non-uniform day – or choose one colour which every pupil needs to wear one day and charge each child £1 or wear St Mary’s Hospice colours of yellow and blue.
  • Cake sale – Bake delicious cakes to sell.
  • Battle of the bands – Is your school or youth group bursting with musical talent? Why not pit the talented folk against each other in a battle of the bands night? Charge an entry fee to enjoy the show and see which act comes out on top.
  • We’ve got talent – With talent shows taking over TV, why not see if your school has any hidden stars?
  • Film club- Commandeer the school hall and create a lunchtime cinema! Students vote for the film and are charged a fee to enter, don’t forget the popcorn!
  • Dress down day- Ask everyone to wear their own clothes / fancy dress / pyjamas to school for a £1 donation
  • Games console tournament- Whether it’s Fifa or Just Dance, there’s nothing like a games console tournament to get those competitive juices flowing. Charge an entry fee and the winner gets a prize!
  • Apprentice Style Challenge – give your students a small amount of money and they have to go away and generate this into more money
  • Sponsored silence – Staying quiet is an old one but a good one. Just be sure to set a time limit for you and your class to keep it zipped or see how long you can all go without uttering one word.Then ask friends and family to sponsor you – we’re sure they’ll be game. Silence really is golden!
  • Christmas Jumper Day – get into the festive spirit and have a Christmas jumper day. You can charge a fee to dress up

Whatever you decide to do please get in touch!